Creational Patterns

Happy New Year, readers! A new calendar calls for a fresh thought. No New Year’s resolutions here, just an explanation of my soapbox title, Creational Patterns.

I feel my periodic rants should have a name, to warn readers ahead of time, if for no other reason. I won’t bore you with the many equally-clever titles I came up with, but they were legion. Suffice to say, I stumbled on to Creational Patterns. It’s a real thing having to do with software engineering, two words and worlds I leave to those whose brains function radically differently than mine. Anyway, while trying to understand actual creational patterning, I read this: “creating objects in a manner suitable to the situation.” The situation, not a situation. I get that. Good design creates a solution to a specific problem or need. Good art speaks to, and often transcends, a specific situation the artist feels compelled to address. And that is the vision for our still-young organization as well – to build a system of support and services specific to greater Birmingham’s growing and evolving creative industries community.

Buddy Palmer
President & CEO
Create Birmingham