Workshops Coming to Bessemer

In congruence with Create Birmingham, the Bessemer Public Library will be hosting the “Business of Creating” workshop series. Starting February 5th – February 22nd, Bessemer residents will have the chance to involve themselves within these workshops that’ll cover everything from ‘Learning How To Run Your Business In Alabama’ and ‘Social Media Marketing’ amongst others. 

This particular partnership is to grant opportunities for local artists and entrepreneurs to help get conversations started on how to become more business savvy and knowledgeable in various avenues of business intelligence within Alabama and to reach more customers with great business strategies and services. Bessemer’s Library Director, Omar Chapman told us, “Our mission at the Bessemer Public Library is to provide our community with adequate resources in order to meet the needs of our people. I believe this partnership will do just that.” 

We also spoke to Create Birmingham, Community Engagement Manager, Viola Ratcliffe, who told us, “We’re excited to be partnering with Bessemer once more to give back. It is essential that we share resources with one another to bring a conglomerate of essentials to our community’s visionaries, and we’re glad they also see this vision worthwhile as well.” 

The workshops will take place between the hours of 9AM-11AM & 5:30PM-7:30PM on certain days throughout the month of February.  

For further information, contact Viola Ratcliffe at 205-458-1393 ext. 804 or email at 

We’ll see you at the Workshops.