Moms Create Birmingham

For most of us, Mother’s Day carries a lot of weight. Whether we are celebrating our mothers or a mother who is significant to us, knowing how to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the women in our lives can feel like a daunting task!

So… we asked some of Birmingham’s creative mamas to get real and describe their ideal Mother’s Day.

I’m looking forward to spending part of my Mother’s Day in my family’s shop. The good vibes and all the people that come through the door bring me so much joy and deep connection. I may just sit outside the shop and high five all the other women celebrating that day! Later, fresh flowers, bare feet in the grass, tennis and in a perfect world there’s a magical pool and a good book.
Morgan Johnston, Club Duquette
Club Duquette
Church Street Coffee & Books

My ideal Mother’s Day includes sleeping in (or trying to), drinking my cup of coffee before it gets cold, and pancakes with my family. In the afternoon, I’d love to carve out a little time for myself and head to the gym.”
Jessica Moody, Create Birmingham
Domestique Coffee
The Essential
Phase Gym

I’d love to spend the day before Mother’s Day working in my yard, adding in some new plants, mulch, etc. and then host a brunch for all the wonderful mothers in my life on the actual holiday.”
Chloe Cook, Sidewalk Film Festival and Cinema

As an entrepreneur and a mother, I feel like I’m always on. Even when I’m not working, I’m wearing my mom hat and multi-tasking at home. I’d love a day where someone else took care of the housekeeping so that I could just spend my time enjoying my family.
Jacqui Jones, One Degree MMM
Mrs. Clean Green

I have a soft spot for a heartfelt, handwritten note on stationary and flowers. As a single mom, it feels extra special to be acknowledged, not only by my children, but by the other members of my tribe.
Tonia Trotter, Create Birmingham
Square One Goods
Rosegolden Flowers

“For me, Mother’s Day used to feel rife with expectations. As a mother myself now, it’s the simple things that I enjoy the most. Last year, my kids surprised me with a picnic in the park. A little rosé, some good cheese, sunshine, and actual conversation with the people I love; it was perfect!”
Hannelore Melville, Wild Ginger Personal Chef
Lenell’s Beverage Boutique
Busy Corner Cheese Shop
Match Chocolate