I Create Birmingham: Willie Williams

“There is a need for young people who are art inclined to be given opportunities to express themselves.”

Willie Williams
Occupation: Artist

What led you to open up your own gallery, Studio 2500, on the north side of Birmingham?

The idea dawned on me when I realized that the location for an art gallery was perfect, given that the area is underdeveloped and needed a spark to initiate it.

How do you think your gallery differs from other traditional galleries?

The space is reconfigurable. When you enter the gallery, the configuration of wall space will more than likely be different than what it was at a previous show. I’ve never seen a galley that could do that.

What advice do you have for artists looking to put together a show for their works?

Keep making art and making connections with people, especially fellow artists. You never know whom you’ll meet. Keep looking for opportunities to show your work, whether in town or out.

You are currently pursuing your BFA at Birmingham Southern. Do you have a particular focus you are interested in? 

I’m pursuing a BFA degree in Art and my concentration is in sculpture.

What other artists (local and national) inspire you?

Currently, Kara Walker, local artist Joe Minter, Kehinde Wiley,and Chaikaia Booker.

What sort of programs could exist to support other aspiring artists?

Perhaps some artist collectives, particularly for college art students, where collaborations can form and artists get to know each other. Younger students are important too, so more art programs for kids. Not just teaching visual arts, but programs for all arts. There is a need for young people who are art inclined to be given opportunities to express themselves.