FROM BHAM NOW: Asphalt Art Initiative grants Birmingham up to $25K

From Bham Now | Written By Katiana Banks

Talk about a birthday gift! Birmingham has been granted up to $25K through the Asphalt Art Initiative. Check out how this grant will brighten our city.

Birmingham art

Birmingham’s art is one of our favorite parts of the city. From the rainbow wall to murals all around and the color-changing lights that brighten our city at night, it’s clear that art culture is important here. Bloomberg Philanthropies recognizes this and has granted the city funds through the Asphalt Art Initiative.

Asphalt Art Initiative

The Asphalt Art Initiative works to bring life to underused public spaces while promoting collaboration and civic engagement in local communities. The City of Birmingham plans to liven the intersection of 8th Avenue West and Center Street, anchored by Smithfield Court and the Smithfield Branch Library.

“This project represents an opportunity to further expand our toolkit of public realm strategies in Birmingham, centered at a critical juncture of mobility, social infrastructure, and history in the Smithfield neighborhood.”

Christina Argo, Division Manager for Strategic Projects and Innovation in the Department of Transportation.

Create Birmingham partnership

The organization we know and love, Create Birmingham, has partnered with Asphalt Art Initiative on this project. Create will seek artists, designers and teams to help create the visual art. A resident-led review panel will make the final artist picks. The Birmingham Public Library and Smithfield Library staff will also be involved. The project kicks off this fall with artist selection in early 2022.

About Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on the arts, education, environment, government innovation and public health to create lasting change. Founded by Michael R. Bloomberg, the organization combines his philanthropy, his foundation and the Bloomberg Associates pro bono consultancy. In 2020 alone, the organization donated $1.6 billion around the world to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.

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