I Create Birmingham: Maacah Davis

“It’s important for me to collaborate with young people because we are (quite literally) the faces of the next generation of fashion and art…”

Name: Maacah Davis
Occupation: Magazine Editor
Creative Industry: Design

1. What does Creative Birmingham mean to you?
Creative Birmingham is about creating platforms for the city’s young artists.

2. What would you like to see happen in Birmingham in the next 5 years?
In the next five years, I would like to see the growth of a fashion and art industry based in Birmingham–which is why I started my own magazine.

3. What inspired you to start your own magazine?
I’ve joked that I wanted to take pretty pictures and have somewhere to put those pretty pictures but, actually, I just know a lot of really talented photographers, models, makeup artists, writers, hair artists, etc, who all want to do something cool in the fashion and art fields, but don’t really have the opportunity to do so in this city. belladonna allows us all to play to our strengths and present “art” in all of its varied forms. It’s the coolest group portfolio ever.

4. Why is it important to you to collaborate with young people? How do you think we can keep these young, talented people in Birmingham?
It’s important for me to collaborate with young people because we are (quite literally) the faces of the next generation of fashion and art, so we should be able to define what that is going to look like. belladonna provides the opportunity for the people I work with to get print credit and, because of the way we operate, belladonna team members have to be independent thinkers who are great at self-direction, but also capable of creative cooperation and synergy–and, those are the kinds of skills that look really good on a resume. It’s one thing to say “I’m a great communicator,” and it’s another to have your name printed in something that proves just how great you are at artistic execution, collaboration, communication, etc. These are the types of skills that get you hired–and, that is ultimately what is going to keep these young, talented people in Birmingham: paid opportunities to do the things they’re great at and are passionate about.

5. What’s the future look like for belladonna?
I would love for belladonna to become a sustainable brand, because if it develops the way I envision, and am working toward, then it will be Birmingham’s premiere platform for fashion and art. belladonna’s long term future involves a five-year-plan I’ve drafted called “The Tower Dream,” which I’m working on presenting to investors–so, I won’t tell you too much more about that just yet! As for our immediate future, we’re working on photo shoots (of course), expanding to include video shoots (one step closer to full multimedia involvement), and working on merchandise. belladonna is a unique playground for uniquely talented people, and we’re working to create a space where young people are encouraged to pursue artistic careers as careers and not just fanciful hobbies. We’re creating, Birmingham.

Photo by Mary Catherine Fehr.