I Create Birmingham: Jason Hamric

“Our per capita talent level here is off the charts. It’s an amazing idea to bring together all of our creatives from every field, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Name: Jason Hamric
Occupation: Owner/Managing Director at Substrate Radio
Creative Industry: Media & Film

1. What does Creative Birmingham mean to you?

It is the obvious next step in Birmingham’s evolution. It’s the pulling together of all of our creatives who have been working hard to cut their own path. We have one of the most talented and untainted creative pools anywhere and this type of energy and focus could be what leads us finally out of the darkness.

Our per capita talent level here is off the charts. It’s an amazing idea to bring together all of our creatives from every field, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

2. What would you like to see happen in Birmingham in the next 5 years?

I would love to see more public art spaces, design reviews that push through forward thinking ideas, more non traditional architecture, better public transit and bike lanes, more murals, legal graffiti walls and for goodness sake get rid of that horrible Pepsi sign. It’s like sticking a flaming bag of dog poo on top of a Christmas tree.

3. What is Substrate Radio?

Substrate Radio is Birmingham’s only independent radio station specializing in the music and content you will NOT hear anywhere else. It’s a gateway to to the rest of the world musically. We try to be as close to a real college style station without any of that pesky school work, cafeteria food or hazing!

4. What inspired you to start a radio station?

I believe a lot of what I do in Birmingham all goes back to one moment. I’ve always felt a need to stay here and fight the good fight, but on a plane flying in from out West 13 years ago I gained a sense of perspective and urgency. As the plane was landing the pilot speaks over the cabin system “Welcome to Birmingham Alabama folks, the current local time is 10 years ago.” It was funny and everyone on board laughed including myself. But deep down I was ashamed and angry. The sad truth was we were 10 years behind and the old guard was NOT pushing us in the right direction. I knew it was up to me and you and the next generation to slowly alter our city’s course. We could be something great! If you look at the progress that has been made in this city over the last decade it’s quite honestly nothing short of amazing!

I started Substrate Radio so that at least musically we would not have to be 10 years behind. So that you could tune in and hear the most current and important bands on their way up instead after they are old news. I know it’s a tiny piece of the puzzle but I do believe it’s an edge piece.

5. Do you have any favorite local bands?

I do, of course! The problem is narrowing it down. It’s a great time in Birmingham for local music actually. I hesitate to name just a few but off the top of my head – Wray, Velouria, GT, Shaheed and DJ Supreme, Duquette Johnston, The Green Seed, Dirty Lungs, Holy Youth, Plains…Wow isn’t that cool? 9 bands I love and that really just scratched the surface.

6. What’s next for Substrate Radio?

Look for us to sponsor more live shows, even more fun ticket giveaways, an app should be rolling out this next year, a movie series and we hope to integrate live studio performances as well as streaming video of the bands.

For more info visit SubstrateRadio.com

Photo by Jackie Hamric.