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I Create Birmingham: Doug Baulos

“I want young artists to know that there is absolutely a place for them, and that it is entirely possible to have a rewarding art career here in Alabama.”

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I Create Birmingham: Greg Entrekin

“I hope that Rakkos feels like the antithesis of a music festival. We’re calling it a “gathering” — a chance to enjoy the combination of sonic and visual arts in partnership with each other and the natural landscape in a way that feels more restorative.”

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A large part of our city’s livability, tourism, and economic growth is due to our wonderful arts and cultural organizations — and the talented and passionate staff members who work tirelessly to make the magic happen.

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I’m a Starter: Chloe York

“I believed in my artistic ability but, as an introvert, I didn’t feel confident going out and networking. CO.STARTERS gave me the tools to learn how to market myself and a network of like-minded people to advise and support me. ”

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Camp to the Rescue!

School is almost out, but that doesn’t mean your little darlings have to stop learning! There are a myriad of summer camp options in Birmingham, from day camps to sleep aways, and this week we’re highlighting a few summer programs and activities that will get your kids thinking creatively and playing outside the box. Summer read more