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“I am a product of my community, my parents, and my upbringing. That is where my inspiration and drive come from. I know what my life might look like if I stay on a traditional path. I could go to college and pursue a more traditional career. I could go to work after graduating and work my way up in someone else’s company. But I want more than that. I want to create something for myself, and I know that I can.”

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There has been a stigma associated with Ensley, and those stigmas create barriers. I hope we will establish opportunities and a counter-narrative and spark a renaissance in what is a close-knit, family-friendly, and vibrantly creative community.

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“I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from my dad over the years. What has been most impactful has been watching him create space for the the future and building roles that the next generation is able to step into. I think that is a social responsibility we all have: to pay it forward and create career paths for the generation behind us.

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Dads Create Birmingham

Father knows best, as the saying goes. Your dad taught you how to ride a bike and how to execute the perfect cannonball. He taught you how to drive and stayed up late to help you finish your school project. He encouraged you to stick up for yourself but was always there with a shoulder read more

Camp to the Rescue!

School is almost out, but that doesn’t mean your little darlings have to stop learning! There are a myriad of summer camp options in Birmingham, from day camps to sleep aways, and this week we’re highlighting a few summer programs and activities that will get your kids thinking creatively and playing outside the box. Summer read more