Seasick Moves On

After five years in Crestwood, Seasick Records has outgrown its beloved location and will relocate to Avondale. Daniel Drinkard, Seasick's owner and one of our original CO.STARTERS graduates, announced that they will officially re-open on Thursday, March 5th in the former Family Dollar space next to Mom's Basement, the retro-inspired live music venue and bar that Daniel co-owns.

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Photo by: Ambre Amari

I Create Birmingham: Avani Patel

"I think relationships are integral to the design process. Jewelry is the most personal thing we wear. Clothing trends come and go, but fine jewelry is something we put on our bodies every day or on our most special occasions for the rest of our lives. We pass it down through generations. That means something."

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Photo credit: Kyle Carpenter

I Create Birmingham: Marceon Walker

"I am a product of my community, my parents, and my upbringing. That is where my inspiration and drive come from. I know what my life might look like if I stay on a traditional path. I could go to college and pursue a more traditional career. I could go to work after graduating and work my way up in someone else’s company. But I want more than that. I want to create something for myself, and I know that I can."

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