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Dads Create Birmingham

Father knows best, as the saying goes. Your dad taught you how to ride a bike and how to execute the perfect cannonball. He taught you how to drive and stayed up late to help you finish your school project. He encouraged you to stick up for yourself but was always there with a shoulder read more

Happy Pride Month, Birmingham! While this is a special month of celebration, working to ensure and further the rights and freedoms of our LGBTQ+ community is a year-round priority. That’s why just one of the things we’re celebrating this month is Mayor Randall Woodfin’s forward-thinking decision last year to appoint Josh Coleman as the City read more

Camp to the Rescue!

School is almost out, but that doesn’t mean your little darlings have to stop learning! There are a myriad of summer camp options in Birmingham, from day camps to sleep aways, and this week we’re highlighting a few summer programs and activities that will get your kids thinking creatively and playing outside the box. Summer read more

“Savage poses the question, ‘What makes a man civilized and what makes him a savage?’ I hope, more than anything, we inspire people to reevaluate how we look at each other now.”

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People experience culture in different ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be high art. It is a part of our everyday language, and it comes from different places. Movement tells the stories in our bodies. When we can break it down that way, and encourage others to tell their own stories, it becomes a dance.

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