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A large part of our city’s livability, tourism, and economic growth is due to our wonderful arts and cultural organizations — and the talented and passionate staff members who work tirelessly to make the magic happen.

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“I think what we are trying to do here is change the historical memory of our community, and to do that we need everyone involved — not just those for whom racial justice is the central focus of their daily work.” — Abigail Schneider

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There has been a stigma associated with Ensley, and those stigmas create barriers. I hope we will establish opportunities and a counter-narrative and spark a renaissance in what is a close-knit, family-friendly, and vibrantly creative community.

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It’s summertime and the living is easy, in theory! But between camp and work schedules, social obligations, and the hassle of travel, getting out of town isn’t always all that easy. Here’s the good news — Birmingham has plenty to offer for those who are looking for adventure, activity, culture, and entertainment close to home. read more

Dads Create Birmingham

Father knows best, as the saying goes. Your dad taught you how to ride a bike and how to execute the perfect cannonball. He taught you how to drive and stayed up late to help you finish your school project. He encouraged you to stick up for yourself but was always there with a shoulder read more