I Create Birmingham: Doug Baulos
Photo Credit: Kyle Carpenter

I Create Birmingham: Doug Baulos

"I want young artists to know that there is absolutely a place for them, and that it is entirely possible to have a rewarding art career here in Alabama."

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A Gamechanger for Birmingham

We’re proud to report that our fearless leader Buddy Palmer will receive The Gamechanger Award at The Vulcan Community Awards Dinner this fall. Each year, Vulcan Park & Museum celebrates citizens who exemplify civic pride, leadership, and progress, just as Vulcan has symbolized for 114 years. 

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I Create Birmingham: Greg Entrekin
Photo Credit: Ambre Amari

I Create Birmingham: Greg Entrekin

"I hope that Rakkos feels like the antithesis of a music festival. We’re calling it a “gathering” -- a chance to enjoy the combination of sonic and visual arts in partnership with each other and the natural landscape in a way that feels more restorative."

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Makers United Marketplace

Come discover, shop, and support your local Birmingham makers and retailers, including some of Create Birmingham's CO.STARTERS graduates! The Marketplace is hosted by Nest, a nonprofit building a new hand-worker economy to generate global workforce inclusivity, improve women’s well-being beyond factories, and preserve cultural traditions. Working hand in hand with brands, philanthropists, and artisan businesses, Nest is using radical transparency, data-driven development, and fair market access to connect craftspeople, brands, and consumers in a circular…

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