We Create Birmingham: Talaya Champion

"There is a lot of work to be done in how society views Latinx women. On average, we are the lowest paid minority women. People box us into the roles of housekeeper or cook. I asked myself, “Could I do what I do without bringing my ethnicity into it?” The answer is yes, but I want to be a part of changing that mindset. I’m a Mexican fashion designer."

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Virtual Conversations with Creatives: Alana Baumann and Samra Michael

Alana Baumann and Samra Michael are the creators of She Well Read, a podcast with the mission of empowering women by encouraging them to invest in themselves and others. The best friends share their love for reading by discussing their book picks chapter by chapter, mixing in anecdotes from their personal experiences and engaging with guests about current events. In this conversation, the pair talk about how they've cultivated their own creative passions before and…

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Julie Maeseele in her studio

I Create Birmingham: Julie Maeseele

"The clothes I make are handmade, but the fact is all the clothes we buy are handmade by someone. Maybe that someone is a mother in Bangladesh earning only three dollars a week, and that’s why your shirt is able to cost twenty bucks. I didn’t really understand the value of all the work it takes to craft well-made clothing until I began doing it myself."

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