We Create Birmingham: Scott Register

"At the end of the day, I want to know that I’ve done something to make this city a better place to live. Birmingham has so much to offer. We keep growing and getting better. It’s a city where we suffer the sins of our fathers, but we can keep working to change peoples’ attitudes and outlooks. You can’t change everyone, but if you can change one person you’ve done something worthwhile."

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Virtual Conversations with Creatives: Duquette and Morgan Johnston

Duquette and Morgan Johnston are the husband and wife team behind Woodlawn’s welcoming and eclectic boutique Club Duquette. The Johnstons share with us their response to the coronavirus pandemic, its effect on their store operations, Morgan’s art, musician Duquette’s touring and writing, and how the two are finding opportunities to step up in our community. https://youtu.be/bLt5zhN-O0M

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Seasick Moves On

After five years in Crestwood, Seasick Records has outgrown its beloved location and will relocate to Avondale. Daniel Drinkard, Seasick's owner and one of our original CO.STARTERS graduates, announced that they will officially re-open on Thursday, March 5th in the former Family Dollar space next to Mom's Basement, the retro-inspired live music venue and bar that Daniel co-owns.

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Photo by: Ambre Amari

I Create Birmingham: Sarah Mason

"What began as a creative and emotional outlet has become more than a career. It’s part of my identity, and it’s how I can connect with other people who might have felt the way I have at some point. I like to think that’s why people purchase my work — they see a part of themselves in my paintings. They hang my art on their wall, and it grows with them."

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