CO.STARTERS Loan Program

Create Birmingham, in collaboration with VentureSouth, has established a pool of funds to provide revolving loans to CO.STARTERS graduates. Read the guidelines carefully, complete the application and assemble all requested materials according to the instructions.


  • Submit the completed three-page application to Yvonne Murray using our online form.
  • Prior to submitting, it is suggested, but not required, that applicants confer with Create staff to review the request. Contact Jessica Moody, Programs Manager, at to schedule a meeting.
  • Based on the application review outcome, a subsequent meeting with VentureSouth staff may be required.


Funds are available to CO.STARTERS graduates who missed no more than two classes and participated in the Celebration Night presentation. Graduates must be in the Start-Up or Business phase of development.


Request amounts range from $500 – $7,500.


  • Please describe what you hope to accomplish with the requested loan.
  • List and briefly describe each significant project expense and include the dollar amount. Round all figures to the nearest dollar.
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The CO.STARTERS Revolving Loan Fund is made possible through the generous support of The Welch Group Foundation and VentureSouth.