Camp to the Rescue!

School is almost out, but that doesn’t mean your little darlings have to stop learning! There are a myriad of summer camp options in Birmingham, from day camps to sleep aways, and this week we’re highlighting a few summer programs and activities that will get your kids thinking creatively and playing outside the box. Summer read more

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been my best friend. I admired her work ethic and vision, and I never questioned her guidance. One piece of advice she gave me is, “Let other people’s ceiling be your floor.” She taught me that it was important to learn from others’ experience instead of the hard way or starting from scratch.

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Moms Create Birmingham

For most of us, Mother’s Day carries a lot of weight. Whether we are celebrating our mothers or a mother who is significant to us, knowing how to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the women in our lives can feel like a daunting task! So… we asked some of Birmingham’s creative mamas to get read more

We are a millennial business, and we think of ourselves as global citizens. Our consumers share that philosophy and want to have a cultural experience, and we hope to celebrate and educate others about the history, science, and the people behind the coffee… There is something beautiful and artful about the entire process, and we want to approach coffee like wine. No harvest is exactly the same. It’s living. It evolves just like everything else.

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“Even before I joined JVTF, I was interested in emergency food needs and the social justice issues that were connected to those needs. Being reactive to those needs and responding is part of our mission. Our ideas don’t always work, but I believe that vulnerability and making mistakes is part of the process of growing and improving, and so far we’ve been embraced by our community and our students.

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