FROM BHAM NOW: Buddy Palmer retires as CEO of Create Birmingham after 13 years—a look back on his career

From Bham Now | Written by Irene Richardson

Buddy Palmer is stepping down as CEO of Create Birmingham after 13 years with the cultural nonprofit. He joined the team, which is the only local agency exclusively focused on the city’s creative industries, in 2008 and is responsible for many arts initiatives, events and community projects we benefit from today.

Buddy Palmer helped kick-start + lead many of our city’s best features

Buddy Palmer at Sidewalk Film Festival
Buddy Palmer at Sidewalk Film Festival.

If you’ve ever enjoyed an almond croissant from Bandit Pâtisserie or a Gulf Coast IPA on Ghost Train Brewing’s deck, you can partially thank Buddy Palmer. The owners of these establishments are graduates of CO.STARTERS, a business launching program for creative entrepreneurs.

Buddy’s three-decades worth of experience working in the creative field allowed him to be instrumental in developing programs like this, and many more, during his time with Create Birmingham.

He and his team are active advocators for the city’s arts, whether that looks like boosting Birmingham’s film industry through Film Birmingham or helping local creatives find the resources they need during a crisis like COVID-19.

“It really has been the privilege of my working career—these past 13 years to work with a fantastic Board of Directors. I am so fortunate. A lot of nonprofit leaders don’t even have the opportunity to work with as many really terrific board members as I have.

We have a small board but they are mighty, and they are so passionate and committed to the mission. And, and nobody on our board sits on the sidelines to build a resume. They are in the trenches with us in terms of government policy, fundraising and program building and are such a huge support to the team.”

Buddy Palmer

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