I Create Birmingham: Lindsey Christina

“Despite what some people might believe, it is quite attainable to have a career as an artist. If you have a passion, an innate talent, or a simple curiosity for the arts, I highly recommend pursuing those dreams.”

Name: Lindsey Christina
Occupation: Student/Visual Artist
Creative Industry: Visual Arts & Crafts

1. What does Creative Birmingham mean to you?

The Creative Birmingham project is a long-needed and very welcomed addition to the local art scene. I think that it is very important that local artists, educational institutions, and programs align and work in conjunction with one another. This alliance will encourage community involvement and growth in personal expression – individually and as a city.

2. What would you like to see happen in Birmingham in the next 5 years?

As a Birmingham native, I believe that Birmingham is making great strides as it stands. With the revitalization of downtown, the boom in locally-owned and operated business, the re-purposing of historic buildings, and the relocation of young professionals into areas which only ten years ago would have been undesirable is crucial to the growth of Birmingham as it continues to become the cultural and artistic heart of our state. I believe that with the current momentum and promising initiatives that are in motion, Birmingham is very capable of expanding the art scene by way of education, gallery space, festivals, and other imaginative community projects which, I believe, would undoubtedly place Birmingham in the same league as the larger, highly creative, and progressive cities.

3. You experiment with a lot of different mediums, is there one that you’re more drawn to than others?

As a student, I made the conscious decision to explore each and every possible medium and process that was available. I tried to take as many courses with as many different professors as possible in hopes of not only developing the technical or conceptual abilities need to pursue a career as an artist, but to find my personal niche and passion. With the help of an extraordinarily talented faculty and supportive group of student colleagues, I believe I was able to successfully narrow my concentrations to both printmaking and painting while using collage as the single element that ties my work together. I have no doubt that even after my time at UAB, I will continue painting and printmaking as my primary means of visual expression.

4. What can you tell us about your BFA exhibition?

As an art student in the BFA program, I believe the final exhibition of your work is the single most important task and opportunity. The work that I am presenting in my show is a pictorial culmination of my personal interests and experiences. In my exhibition, I have used the female figure, architecture, animals, and other decorative elements to express my interpretation of the human condition and how it relates to personal relationships, sexuality, vulnerability, and domestication.

5. As a graduate what kind of programs and support would help you succeed as an artist?

Aside from staying in close contact with the tight-knit art family that exists at UAB, I believe that becoming involved in community events will be crucial to my success. Engaging and participating in programming and events at the Birmingham Museum of Art, Paperworkers Local, the theatre, Sidewalk Film Fest, Space One Eleven, and the numerous other we are fortunate enough to have will not only provide a great opportunity for networking with creative individuals for the purpose of self-advancement but an opportunity to expand my artistic abilities and promote collaboration between artists and within the city.

6. Do you have any advice for high school/college students looking towards a career in art?

Despite what some people might believe, it is quite attainable to have a career as an artist. If you have a passion, an innate talent, or a simple curiosity for the arts, I highly recommend pursuing those dreams. Art school will extend your technical ability, but most importantly challenge your ability to think conceptually about larger ideas as it relates to society, culture, religion, and the like. The challenge will be taking the fire that is within you and finding a way to harness it visually so that it successfully portrays your message to the world. Also, I would not underestimate the value of volunteer work and internships. It is never too early, or too late, to expose yourself to the many avenues an art degree will open up for you – arts administration, teaching, curatorial, exhibition design, and so many more. I am a strong advocate for attending art school if only for the purpose of becoming self-aware and an effective communicator. Go for it!