I Create Birmingham: Jeralyn Powell

“Communities are the vital units for our growth and development. Communities are where we live, work, and play. Communities are how we thrive.”

Name: Jeralyn Powell
Occupation: Owner of JP Marketing
Creative Industry: Media & Film

1. What does “Creative Birmingham” mean to you?
“Creative Birmingham” is a community of thought leaders, change makers, and creative strategists who look for opportunities to innovate and build a better Birmingham.

2. What would like to see happen in Birmingham in the next 5 years?
As a transplant, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Birmingham grow over the past 7 years. One thing that saddens me, however, is the exclusivity when it comes to new development and opportunity. I would love to see a Birmingham where we work across generations, races, neighborhoods, and industries. I think for us to continue in the growth we have seen, we must be willing to reach across and work with each other.

3. You just went through CO.STARTERS; can you tell us a little about the business idea you had?
JP Marketing is a full service marketing agency that helps organizations and businesses create, communicate, and connect. Our focus is on impact marketing, where we become an advocate for our clients and the causes they support. We work with organizations and individuals who may have the passion and vision to impact social change, but don’t necessarily have the expertise, budget or time to create such intricate marketing strategies.

With a background in public health research and nonprofit marketing, we help our clients develop audience appropriate messaging and create marketing strategies that best suit their audience. We not only have the expertise to create and communicate messages, but we also facilitate in community engagement and reaching the populations that need us the most.

4. You talk a lot about addressing community needs. Why do you think this is important?
I think it is very important to look at a community as more than just a problem to solve or a project. Communities are the vital units for our growth and development. Communities are where we live, work, and play. Communities are how we thrive. Its is not enough to just decide what we want to change, but we must understand the community and get to know their needs. When the community is involved in the process, everyone wins.

5. How did CO.STARTERS help shape your idea?
When I started out this year, I knew I wanted to make this dream a reality. I was grateful to receive a scholarship for Co.Starters and this experience has helped me in so many ways. For so long, I have been tolling with the idea of starting a business. But through Co.Starters, I realized that this was more than just an idea. This process gave me the confidence to take the next step and believe that I can actually do this AND be successful. It also helped me to think about all the necessary steps in order to run a business. Because of Co.Starters, the support of my peers and facilitators, my dream has now come true.