We Create Birmingham: Talaya Champion

"There is a lot of work to be done in how society views Latinx women. On average, we are the lowest paid minority women. People box us into the roles of housekeeper or cook. I asked myself, “Could I do what I do without bringing my ethnicity into it?” The answer is yes, but I want to be a part of changing that mindset. I’m a Mexican fashion designer."

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We Stand in Solidarity

We want to be clear. Create Birmingham is an anti-racism organization. We strive, entrepreneur by entrepreneur, to build an inclusive and just economy in which Black business ownership is equitably resourced and purposefully nurtured. We intentionally spotlight and celebrate Black thought, contribution, and achievement in the arts and all creative work, and we will continue to seek out ways to amplify Black voices. We believe that all humans are born with a spirit of creativity…

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CARES ACT Includes Critical Support for the Creative Economy

Last week, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT), was signed into law. The $2 trillion emergency stimulus package includes direct support for both nonprofit cultural organizations and state and local arts and humanities agencies, as well as economic relief provisions for independent contractors, "gig economy" workers and artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses working in the creative economy. The nation's arts and culture industry is experiencing devastating economic losses with closed venues and…

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