“I hope to see more literary events spontaneously popping up within the literary community, but I also hope to see the literary community expanding until it’s just the community — no need to modify. “

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“The music scene in Birmingham could go toe to toe with any city in the US, in my opinion.”

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On Tuesday, January 16, three murals created by Blank Space Bham were defaced: on 4th Avenue South at 41st Street (MELT), on 1st Avenue North and 39th Street, and on 1st Avenue South at 56th Street. Blank Space is an artist cooperative that seeks to reclaim public space, strengthen communities, foster creativity, and advocate for read more

“We are a blessed city to have so many brilliant folks live and work here. I feel like we all inspire each other to create.”

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Shop Local 2017

Every time you spend $10 at a locally owned store, anywhere from $4 to $7 re-circulates in your local economy. That’s $1 to $6 MORE than if that same $10 was spent at a big retailer. With the convenience of online ordering and big box stores, shopping local during the holiday season can be hard. read more